Eccentric Boho Chic Street Style


Hola! Biotic Components,

 Coachella has pretty much gotten everyone obsessed with bohemian inspired street style. The desert is ya’ll fashionista’s dream. The festival would be the perfect place to rock the style like a boss but there’s a tiny problem, the desert is not a piece of cake for everyone. So, this means it’s just the clumsy dream and biotas alone. Turning our heads back towards the flaunty style, we still got pretty streets around KTM to flaunt the style like a complete boss. Without any further delay let’s seriously make the street style happen! like now now.







  • Semi-Grunge Boyfriend Jeans- Lipsy, Bhatbhateni
  • Flare Sleeved Blouse with lacy detailings- H&M, Bangkok
  • Floral Crown- Archies, Durbarmarg
  • Hot Pink T Strap Peep toe pumps- Lipsy, Bhatbhateni

“In a field of roses, she is a wildflower”

Mix it up a little bit, mix up strange things and stay ORIGINAL. The weird combination of this outfit is what makes it gypsy and chic at the same time. Fashion is all about YOU, it is a reflection of YOUR expression. So, for this street style cluster up some unusual ingredients and fancy the style as a wildflower amongst roses. Sync with the colours of the twilight as you glow out the inner grace with a little hint of bohemian in you. Pop up the colour elegantly and add some glamour to the look with statement hot pink pumps (P.S. this will add up fun elements to the outfit). Adding up flares and flora to the outfit brings out major boho vibes instantly. Rock this look, bidding the fear of being weird and welcoming the cheer being one fierce wildflower.







  • British chiffon neckline puff sleeved shirt dress- Lipsy, Bhatbhateni
  • Nike Running Shoe- Nike, Durbarmarg
  • Nike off-white baseball cap- Nike, Orlando (I am pretty sure you can find similar ones around KTM)

“Less is more”

Ace the street game with a win win outfit, fusion of trendy and comfy. For ya lazy potatoes, I’ve got your back. Grab a light chiffon shirt dress that has a hint of bohemian, challenging the scorching heat. Keep it minimal, darling make it look effortless. The british neckline and the puffed up full sleeve plays peek a boo with the gypsy theme. After all Coachella is all about  music and the music you choose is based on your comfort. The comfy biotas out there, rock the cozy look as you dress up for the music not for the strict bohemian look. As you play along with the Coachella theme, lazy it away on the streets of KTM when the sun is right above the head. Trust me you’ll thank me later for this. Grab your favourite pair of sneakers and baseball cap and normal the lazy game on the streets.







  • Posh chiffon bell sleeved dress with tribal detailing- Lipsy, Bhatbhateni
  • White crochet halter neckline dress-Love culture, Florida (You can find the similar ones at DS collection and Lipsy)
  • Mid-calf strappy gladiator sandals- Lipsy, Bhatbhatini

“Wild heart, Gypsy soul”

Hop up right into this in-vogue, dressy side of the street game. Play with the double trouble gypsy style, portraying the wildest look you can ramp on the streets. The daytime trouble playfully expresses the adorable geeky Coachella inspired Dutch-braid on the warming DAYDREAM look making it almost faintly effortless while the night-time trouble expresses the NIGHTMARE look making it instantly addictive yet alluring with them strappy gladiators. Day out or night out, style the effortless look, rocking no-heels kinda vibe (SUPER comfortable). Totally approve this Coachella festive fashion relaxing the inner gypsy soul, trusting the instinct of the wild festive heart in you.










  •  Belly Bottoms: Cheeky, Woodland, Durbarmarg
  • Halter cropped chiffon top: Lipsy, Bhatbhateni
  • Crochet detailed charcoal boho shirt: Love culture, Florida (You can find the similar ones at Lipsy, Bhatbhatini)
  • low waist jeans- Spencer, Bhatbhatini
  • Hot pink T strap peep toe pumps: Lipsy, Bhatbhateni  
  • Ankle strap nude stilletos: Dazzle, Bhatbhateni
  • Silver head gear ( I am not sure where I got them from but you can find pretty head gears from headgear Nepal, Instagram)

“Everyday is a fashion show and the world is my runway”- Coco Chanel

The heart of the modern fashion, Gabriella Chanel brought out serious curiosity in the fashion industry. The curiosity popped up lots of colours and flares in the late 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. 70’s flourished the gypsy trend and as for this respect, for my last bohemian style inspiration, let’s go back to the late 70’s. What’s Coachella without flares? nothing. (jokes apart) Add up drama to your outfit with the rising trend this year, belly bottoms with ethnic head gear. The rays from the sun would ignite the outfit while the following outfit is perfect for the illumination the pale moonlight brings on the dusky outfit. The playful Dutch braid keeps the hair out of your face as the charcoal crochet screams Coachella. Wander around with these outfit with your girlfriends, winning the game of street style.

 Till then,

                      With love,







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