Namaste! Biotic Components,

Wikipedia states, “A mandala (Sanskrit: मण्डल, lit, circle) is a spiritual and ritual symbol in South Asian region, representing the universe. In common use, “mandala” has become a generic term for any diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a microcosm of the universe.” (Read more on Wikipedia)

An art sensation, Mandala is not only popular amongst different parts of the world for its alluring geometric shapes and patterns, but also deeply holds cultural sentiments on the southern part of evergreen Asia. Significance of mandala still can be seen hand worked, in practiced by locals for generations, on the cultural sites of South Asia (Specifically from where I belong, Bouddhanath Stupa, Swayambhunath Stupa and Pashupatinath Temple). The ethnic spell mandalas have cast on me has pushed me further more to inherit the natural framework of shapes and patterns. This spell hence has intimidated me to pursue the glorious chaotic piece of artwork.



“Give me simplicity, that I may Live, So Live and Like, that I may know Thy ways, Know them and practice them: then shall I give. For this poor Wreath, give Thee a crown of praise”  -George Herbert

Art is an expression of one’s personal sentiment. Every piece of work I have showcased is not only an Art, it is my diary, a chapter of my story. Even the bits and pieces of some of my work, scribbled around my school notebooks has some story within it. I think people most likely escape into the world of psychology, philosophy and art to escape into another dimension away from the world. People see through art mostly to escape anger, jealousy, agony, ignorance, betrayal and the blues people constantly remind. The wreath work right above is a work that came out of sheer insecurities and doubts. It took me straight 4 hours to fill up ever piece of detailings on it, there was no stopping because I wanted challenge my insecurities by somehow creating a piece of work I would feel good about. You see, this is how art works for me, the insecurities drove me to slog straight 4 hours till late 1 in the morning. Art is my liberty, my care taker and my motivator. Hard times in my life is what laboured me to dive into the beautiful chaotic world of art.


The shape of the mandala is not symmetrical and perfect but this was my first proper Mandala. I used a Black cello gel pen for this and also did not use any sort of scale or circular object to build the shapes or pattern. I practiced some of the patterns on another sheet of paper and also observed my surrounding area to generate new patterns and ideas. The other day I went to Walmart and saw some pretty fall wreaths in stock and then decided to build my mandala on it.




“It’s good as an artist to always remember to see in a new, weird way.” -Tim Burton

21st century is all about changes and discoveries. From major technological advancements to the ongoing advancement in the art community, it feels almost impossible to think life without change. Art community in specific has seen overwhelming changes for a long period of time now and with the evolving experiments, fresh ideas are emerging everyday while modern art is rapidly advancing. For the new sensation of the community, mandala has been recreated into different shapes and figures. Rather than creating big old circular mandala, people are moving out of their comfort zone and being creative with the art. The maple leaf mandala above is also an example of the modern mandala, this concept was lifted by an instagrammer to whom I owe huge credits for inspiring me to try it out myself too also because this inspiration led me recreate my very own concept on a little kitten. As I mentioned before, art is a representation of inward significance not the outward appearance and as for this respect the presented mandalas above represents the curious yet fragile learner who dreams to become a part of an art community one day.


For the making of these mandalas, I initially outlined the object I desired to have my mandala on and as for the patterns I followed the similar strategy I had applied on my previous  wreath mandala. I could not tolerate the plain boring background and so to give a little life to these mandalas, I went on with an ombre theme. These mandalas might signify the calm old me doing the work with a wide cheesy artistic smile, but that’s not the real case. The Maple leaf mandala was made when I was in sheer stress due to exams. I seriously had no clue about how I would give the test so instead of studying I freaked out and to calm my inner muddle, I hustled and escaped into a coffee shop and calmed the hell out of myself by pouring my frustration on a piece of paper (how classic of me). Seems like art, specifically mandala for me is basically an anger management activity I solely have to rely on every time. Anywho the little kitten mandala was when I had serious pizza craving (sorry, joking). The idea for my second mandala popped into my head right after the day I made the maple leaf mandala. I looked upon many objects with beautiful chaotic patterns and with enough astistry motivation I gave it a shot. Art is all about trying new strategy and experimenting with weird ideas. I may be at a very initial stage of it but what I have known from my learning is that taking risks is the main key to attain originality.



“You can make bad choices and find yourself in a downward spiral or you can find something that gets you out of it” -Ray LaMontagne

Trend alert! geometric shapes and tribal patterns makes one of the most beautiful and sophisticated mandalas. My personal favourite geometric pattern is  triangle shaped pattern, it adds up whole lot of edginess while a sensational pattern, tribal patterns adds up warmth to the mandala. I had this done on a school day when I was feeling too low to even function to attain classes. Doing this changed my mood instantly and took about 2 and a half hours to fully complete this. I did not reference it from anywhere and went on with my own flow by observing things around me to gain ideas. The completion of the mandala made a huge difference to my mood so, it was fair enough not to stay attentive in some  of the classes (guilty pleasure). Art for me is a meditation, it takes me away into my own imagination and into another level of consciousness. Concentration i have to put on art keeps me away from the daily hustle of life at least for few hours. Art’s imaginative world is what gets me out of bad choices that spirals around every now and then.  


*Check out wreath mandal’s post details information for similar guideline.




“The introduction of many minds into many fields of learning along a broad spectrum keeps alive questions about the accessibility, if not the unity, of knowledge.” -Edward Levi

People have different taste on everything. From fashion to art, people are always selective which their choices. For those biotas who are into super saturated colours and for those who prefer a light cartoonish quick work, the two mandalas right above is the example of the cup of tea you are looking for. The first mandala took about 15 minutes while the second mandala took about 30 minutes approximately. The key colour which brightens my work has to be yellow. Yellow is such a saturated, wild yet soft colour which brights out liveliness to any artwork. The colour looks so effortlessly beautiful and can instantly pull out any colour. I personally, always like to carry a small sketchpad with me on the go, in case I see something beautiful or attractive, I wouldn’t want to miss out the chance to portray the beauty. Carrying a sketchpad everywhere has helped me a lot to keep myself awake to observe things and colours on the go, which is great because it helps strengthen creativity. Speaking of this, both of the mandalas above were inspired while I was outdoors. Henceforth, little little things we do to keep our creativity alive, broadens the spectrum of our daily hazardous life while also keeping our inner curiosity awake and fresh.

Till then,

                  With love,




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