A Blissful Birthday Fiesta


Sparkle Up Biotas,

Birthday or not, ya’ll must have something to celebrate where ya’ll get nostalgic about playing major dressing up game. Don’t worry about the room you have to return to after the tiring aftermath of the party where you potentially see the disaster ya girls make while playing dress up game. I’ve got your back girls! This is the perfect place for your remedy as I will guide you through the dresses you can play with on different fiestas! Sparkle your day up cluster free and panic free as ya’ll will never be young as ya’ll are tonight!









  • Red And Blue Bandana – Target, Boston (DIY your own bandana with patterned medium scarf making a bow from its ends)
  • Black Velvet Choker – Archies Gallery, Durbar Marg
  • White Lacy Full Sleeved Top – Spencer, Bhatbhatinni
  • Black Light Cotton Pants – Lipsy, Bhatbhatini
  • Brown High Top Converse – Converse, Durbarmarg
  • Black Leather Side Studded Hand Bag – Louis Cardy, Qatar (I am pretty sure that you can easily find the similar hand bag at Accessories Nepal, or Mad about bags)

 “Ten thousand saw I at a glance, tossing their heads  in sprightly dance.” – William Wordsworth

Today is the day for you to become bright-eyed and bushy-tailed no matter how much you enjoy staying grumpy and frowny. Oh! and one more reason for you to stay jolly, the outfit has a comfort of a whole new level and it is completely acceptable for hanging out and around with your fellow mates. Add up drama and a little hint of flirtatious element to your outfit with a super cute bandana along with top-notch high ponytail. Go ahead, match up chokers with your bosom buddies and twin like a pro. The drama is what makes ya biotas look birthday ready as it is a great day for making excuses for adding up striking accessories. No worrying about your dress not being on place and no worrying about not tripping on sick high heels just you and your converse rocking the birthday game instantly.








  • Light Coffee Nude Semi-Formal Shirt Dress – Lipsy, Bhatbhateni  
  • Black Knee High Gladiators – Lipsy, Bhatbhateni

“Some heroes wear capes, some heroes make your coffee and some heroes design your dresses” – Anonymous

Arghh! Coffee, such an enchanting word. Imagine portraying your feelings for coffee through your personal birthday style. I personally would wear and would recommend ya biotic coffee lovers to wear the brewing outfit at your most beloved coffee place. I mean who wouldn’t want to spend their born day at a place that brews a magical drink which has been curing your insanity and keeping you alive till today. I would gladly rock the comfy shirt dress with badass gladiators at a place I have spent most of my teen days at. Go along! grab your favourite company or just as simple as your most wanted novel, sketchbook or even your electronics to delight your birthday with blissful coffee aroma.







  • Black Silk Wrap Top – Mfashionista, Gairidhara
  • Flare Silk Bottoms – Aachal Boutique, Maharajgunj (You can easily find it at your favourite traditional clothing store)
  • Black V-Neck Choker Dress – Sanna, Naxal
  • Black Knee High Strappy Gladiators – Lipsy, Bhatbhateni
  • Black Side Cut Out Chunky Mules – Aldo, Boston (Bentley is a great place to search for similar ones)

“Back in black for your Birthday is one of the best feelings.”- Anonymous

Woof! the classic of the classics, black is the ultimate go to party colour while cut out wrap outfit and choker dress is this year’s in-vogue style. Paddle up towards the trend by adding dramatic elements such as gladiators and flares. If you are the party person then go up all night with comfy yet sheek choker dress while not stressing about getting leg sprain from dancing all night long. Or if you want to maintain sophistication on your special day then the wrap outfit is perfect for a small starry birthday bash where heels have no vengeance to seek.







  • Dark Nude Deep Cut Out Japanese Wrap Top With Nude Culottes – Lipsy, Bhatbhateni
  • White Braided Choker – Target, Boston (DIY your own by taking two identical string of the colour of your choice and braid them till the required size)
  •  Black Minimalistic Leather Sandal – Bentley, Durbarmarg

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.” – Gianni Versace

Elegance can be only be expressed through sophistication and uniqueness. What day better than your birthday to celebrate your inner posh style. This outfit as strange and new as it looks can only be pulled off when you know what piece of cake you want to digest. Everyone has their own spirit style and as for me I tend to have a neutral minimalistic style which hence forth made me add the outfit to my armoire. Finding your own personal style is very important not just for how you show yourself up to the world but for defining the person who you truly are through expressed style. To spice the outfit I also went on and tried on choker while staying true to my roots by keeping my sandals minimalistic. Sparkle up biotas, find your special personal style on your special day as ya biotas must have heard, “Life is a party, dress like it.” 


Till Then,

                    With Love,




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