What’s In My Bag?


Declutter biotas!

Organizing always seems so damn boring but trust me, once you get hang of it, you will love yourself some cluster free vibe. If you are all couch potatoes (hands down me!) then get yourself in the mood for some lifestyle changes (I’ve got you girl!). Let’s not already jump into the scary organization part and so let us all leave that for later cause you know we biotas are super lazy…duh! just kidding, go grab your favourite go to posh hand bag as I am here to guide you through some essentials ya biotas must have (Or not, if you don’t want to…now let’s get onto the business dumping my lame jokes like now now!).

“The less I needed, the better I felt”

                                                                                                                            -Charles Bukowski




A moment of silence for people who can actually carry a bag filled with stuffs that feels like carrying stones (I literally salute you for your patience). If you are like me who has zero tolerance level and patience then come along with me onto this lazy bag journey (Just kidding, I will provide you with hacks for ya lazy biotas in most minimalistic way possible).











  • Haramain relaxing oil perfume- Max, U.A.E (Carrying a mini perfume or body spray is so important because of the rising temperature and humidity this summer. Get rid off of any bad sweaty smell and freshen up your mood instantly with your favourite summer scent on the go!)


  • Gosh volume lip shine- Available at Bhatbhateni cosmetics sector (Let me just appreciate Gosh’s products and its posh formula. Let me tell you, this for me is one of the best cosmetics brand which is sheer luxury and totally worth the invested money at the same time. This product is always lying inside my handbag because of its moisturizing formula with the perfect gloss and light natural looking red. Having a lip gloss is so important because it is not only the budding trend this year but also does the job of lip colour as well as lip balm).


  • Gosh semi-matt smoothie Lipstick- Available at Bhatbhateni cosmetics sector (This lipstick is the perfect shade of nude berry pink as it is the most alluring shade for lighter skin toned people. Get yourself a semi-matt lipstick on the go to save yourself up from looking pale and tired on unexpected sick days and over work days. Also for people like me who are terrible with makeup and who prefer using just mascara and a nice lip colour, lipstick is an option to carry into your handbag as lip colour lights up the face instantly).




“Personal hygiene is not just for Saturdays anymore”


  • Dettol unscented Hand sanitizer- Available at any local grocery store, Click on this link to grab it Dettol Hand Sanitizer (Hand sanitizer is a must for not just some super hygiene obsessed person but is equally important for people to have on restaurants or simply before having food just to be cautious and careful from the harmful microscopic beings your hands potentially could have on because ya’ll must have heard, prevention is better than cure).


  • Anti-Bacterial mini wipes- Bhatbhateni [Whether you need to remove sweat from your face or body or any food items sticky on the hand and face, wipes are always their to the rescue. Go Ahead! add this up to your bag essentials instantly biotas!  (This one in specific is super handy and is perfect to throw in a bag)]


  • Face mask- Any medical store (Self explanatory, mask is a life saver on the dusty roads of Kathmandu. Have a bunch of spare masks in your bag to not have a rough drive or walk on the streets).





  • Mini Sketchbook and Art Pencils- Local art store (If you are aware about my habit I mentioned on my former art blog then ya biotas know that I carry a sketchbook with me all the time just in case I find some inspiration for new art around the places I visit. I highly recommend ya biotas to carry small items that can help you with your passion. A substitute for this is a small diary to captivate new blooming potential ideas).





  • Tiger Balm- Bhatbhateni (For someone who gets constant headache every now and then, it is an essential to carry a head balm for relaxation and pain relief. This one in specific is the best balm in the market. Carrying one is a very smart move because headache can cause a lot of trouble in professional life, having something to hold onto is always a plus point than regretting and taking the pain)


  • Strepsils- Local medical store (Firstly I might sound a little stupid but it’s very satisfying and appealing to eat (Don’t deny, I know you guys too love to have it secretly as a candy) and secondly its always wise to have this on the go just in case of blocked nose or sore throat. Trust me it has saved me 1000 times from awkward vocals and irritating nose blockade)






  • Louise Vuitton Purse- Louise Vuitton, Dubai Mall [The most essential item to have in a bag is obviously a statement purse holding your whole life (Just kidding, your room keys, ATM card, School/Work ID, Some cash and all the other boring stuffs)]


  • Aviator Sunglasses- Ray Ban, Dubai Mall (Summer’s ultimate go to item, sunglasses is one of the most wanted handbag item because you will  need to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays while looking chic at the same time. Add your favourite sunglasses to complete your own minimalistic go to hand bag. Go Ahead Biotas move a step ahead to stay clutter free and supper organized in the most stylish way possible)


Till Then,

                      With Love,



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