Adventure Land- Pokhara, Nepal

Dear Biotas,

I had a quick trip to Pokhara this January and this time was a bit different from my previous trips that were more on the luxurious and relaxing side. This time it was all about that adrenaline rush. I made the most out of my trip with all the fun adventures I could take from Pokhara. Although the trip was just a short 4-day trip, every single day had me doing something. Here are some of the most fun activities I did on my stay that had me hooked the entire time.


Riding A Bike On The Streets Of Pokhara



Riding a bike may not sound as much of an adventure but it is still a lot for me to do because to be honest I have a very thin experience with riding bikes. Additionally, I learned cycling only very recently. So from this point of view it is a very difficult task for me to do on the careless streets of Nepal, right in the middle of the city. Nevertheless I couldn’t stop myself from doing the most touristy of things with the view of the beautiful lakeside with the landscape of the Himalayas.

Zip-lining With HGNepal




We also ziplined for our aniversary in collaboration with HGnepal and it was breathtaking. Also it the tallest, the longest and the steepest zipline in the world so that was a huge plus. We were picked up at our hotel and then we had a small road trip to the top of Sarangkot and then it was all literally downhill from the top. It gave us a subtle rush while abording but then it was very smooth throughout and the view was just amazing, it was an eye candy.


Hike To The World Peace Pagoda




The hike was an unexpected one as we weren’t planning on being tired on our anniversary trip but typical us we couldn’t resit doing something exciting because to be honest the option to relax seemed pretty boring for such a beautiful day. The one hour steep hike was tiresome but worth it for its incredible lake and Himalaya views en-route to the top. The hike was even more worth it when we reached peace pagoda, it was breath-taking.


Till Now,

With Love,





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