Open Letter #1


Rise & Shine Biotic Components,

“Too cool for you” screams the frame of mind of almost every homo sapien residing on this psychotic planet. This attitude is with me, you and everybody else. This human behaviour as unearthly as it sounds has captivated innocent minds and souls into the dark side of the Earth. Everyone is born from the same element that so called makes rapists, terrorists, serial killers, backstabbers, betrayers and cheaters. By birth no one gets stamped as a monster. A new born child is as pure as gold and is free from all labels he/she could soon acquire. Factors like Environment, society, family and friends as such is what builds up the innocent infant into a monster. You see, proper social education is necessary amongst the family and the society to free the infant from an inhuman label. Because ya’ll must have heard “Strong roots make strong people”.

“Despite what you may believe, you can disappoint people and still be good enough. You can make mistakes and still be capable and talented. You can let people down and still be worthwhile and deserving of love. Everyone has disappointed people they care about. Everyone messes up, lets people down, and make mistakes. Not because we’re inadequate or fundamentally inept, but because we’re imperfect and fundamentally human. Expecting anything different is setting yourself up for failure” -Daniell Koep


To all the ladies out there, have you ever felt even close to having get equal and righteous importance as any men surrounding your life by your family, relatives, society and even friends ? No! at least not by EVERYBODY. Don’t you ever wonder why violent acid attack, rape and, physical and mental harassment as such is such a huge issue globally? I think it is because we as a women always fail to lift and empower each other up. All we do is envy each other and try pull each other’s leg when we get a slight hint of a chance. This behaviour has not let us succeed to strengthen our clang against serious concerns around the globe. For a developing country, specifically Nepal, this is a huge ongoing issue as when we look back into the history, we can find brutal ritual like ‘Sati Pratha’, (A ceremony for widows to sacrifice themselves up into a burning fire of their resting husband for fulfilling wife’s purest duty) which of course was eliminated many decades ago, cannot be forgotten so quickly. This directly reflects how women were treated like an object from ancient time to even this very day. We can still see instances of the culture of men owning their wives burring their wings before it is set out free on different situations, not letting women generate income for the family or even contrariwise envying if women generate more income than men for example. Majority of women never complain or say a word about this. You see, the main issue here has  got very less to do with men, women themselves are not speaking up. Time has changed the world now, women have powerful rights that can shut every men out but all we do is feel scared and bind us into unnecessary cultural and moral boundaries.

In 2012’s controversial Delhi rape case, BBC news stated words of one of the rapist, “Its not our fault that we are attracted towards her, if she was a decent girl then she wouldn’t roam around till 9:00 p.m. It is always the victim’s fault not our fault”. It is heart wrenching to know how ignorant and morally uneducated majority of men are. If women in a family is empowered then her son would never have such an ignorant thinking. SPEAK UP PEOPLE! start the awareness from ya biotas own family, If you won’t they who will? if not now then when?  Don’t let anyone deem the light of your dreams and hopes. See that your and my bodies are sexualized, see the boundaries we have to set to return home as early as we possibly can because of monsters out there hunting for us, see that we need to dress up to hide ourselves for others but not for our own happiness and see and believe how one of us could be the next rape victim. Let’s free ourselves from the word ‘object’ now. 



They say, rumours spread faster than disease. Arghh! for those people who cannot digest tiniest thing inside their stomach, this is for you. Let’s get it straight up, words matters and words hurt, we never know what a person might be going through so think before you pass on any comments or rumours. Let’s be honest you have done it and even I have done it but what I have realized now is that we people are fragile, ity bity things we hear can tear us completely apart so please be kind to EVERYONE or else if you can’t speak good things then stay quiet. Trust me! this could save a life someday. Respecting everyone no matter how messed up their past is or how perfect their life even seems is I think the most bravest and kindest thing a person can effectuate. Hey! how hard is it to leave people alone in their own world by respecting their feelings and privacy? Go ahead! bring this change even if it means being generous and kind to your enemy. Trust me it will not only bring the person some peace but also will make your life a little less stressful and complicated, Get rid off of this label for once and for always!



Envy is a waste of time, a sheer ignorance. This trait has been haunting people for centuries now and with internet filled with social sites, jealousy and comparisons has been taking the storm by for few years and many more to come. People today are filled with toxic insecurities and body issues. let me assure you, as cliché as it sounds, it is equally true that nobody in this whole damn universe is perfect. What you see in the internet is just a part what your idol CHOOSES you to see (Also beauty is temporary, everyone is going to age gradually). The real person is always behind a phone or a computer, they are not perfect, they too are human who are filled with insecurities and doubts. Like I mentioned earlier, jealousy kills time and poisons your soul. The life, people and things you become jealous from itself is fragile and imperfect like you are. This imperfection is what make it so delicate and eye-pleasing. So trust yourself enough to empower your every imperfections. Hey common! mistakes are what makes us a social animal. Free your soul from this dark yet magnetic potion. Trust me it will cast a magic upon you.



Ya biotas must have heard that “Expectation kills” and I bet you have realized how true this is at least once at your stay on this planet. People often mistake a person as sympathetic when they disclose their deep dark secrets into their hands. Trust me when a person says he/she is suicidal then never give them a reason to quit by simply saying that it’s fake and attention seeking. Even if you think he/she is lying you never know the full story so think before you speak. You never know if he/she told you hoping you’d help one last time, never give anyone a chance to feel like they are worthless (For the sake of HUMANITY, god damn it!). Also if this would not be enough for the victim to digest, they seek an asylum into his/her mother and father’s arm only to be stated and accused as  a burden (A popular case which runs on almost every family here in Nepal). Getting challenged mentally and physically is not being weak, the victim themselves never desired to stay hidden in the darkness, a place where happiness is just a word. Depression is not equal to being sad, its meaning has a lot more justice to do than just a simple word. It is a chemical disorder that disables a person to have any faith on good, adversely effecting a person’s work, family and school life. Don’t make people’s life more difficult to survive when they already have a lot to fight for. Be gentle and kind to everyone.

The fact that some students commit suicides because of failing grades is a living proof of how unnecessary pressure is put on young people. Out of those angels, some would have been portraying their dreams into a sheet of paper, some would have been on the sports field making their country proud, some would have been an entrepreneur who would care a little about maths and science and some would have been glamourizing and flaunting new couture into the red carpet. People are different, people have different talents and ambition, setting unrealistic expectations and pressure for students into choosing right career as seen by  family, school and society is what has been deeming light of potential stars.

20160521_122630 - Copy

labels do not define me, labels do not define you and labels do not define anyone else. Say a huge no to labels!

Till then,

                    With Love,














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